Trainer Accreditation

Becoming a certified trainer implies conformity with the highest international standards of training delivery. The accreditation of trainers provides greater security and reliability for both HSI Partners and customers of our Partners, who will have the assurance and confidence that the trainer is able to perform the delivery of training.

HSI Institute performs the accreditation of independent trainers who wish to conduct deliveries on our network of training partners in locations across the world and for trainers from our partners.

Trainers can be accredited by the following Institutes and Companies: EXIN, APMG and CompTIA.

Trainer Accreditation Benefits

Training Delivery

Delivery of training in our accredited network of partners. Our Partners have access in our Accredited Trainers base to locate the best available Trainer to delivery their trainings. Perform your accreditation process with us and be together with the best trainers network.

Events and Webinars

Our Accredited Trainers have priority to participate and conduct National and International Webnars. Improve your career getting new knowledges and showing for candidates your best skills trough our online and present events.

Virtual Library Access

We currently encourage the knowledge continual improvement of our Accredited Trainers. We provide the access to our Training Virtual Library to guarantee that they can study with the right content and proof their skills trough the examination sessions.

Discounts in Official Exams

The Trainers have discounts to take official examination sessions. We provide this benefit for the trainers that want to improve your career and add new skills. Together we can build a career path to develop new abilities and possibilities related to training delivery.

Trainer Accreditation Process

1. Step – Form fulfillment

The candidate to be an Accredited Trainer have to fill our Trainers Form with your personal data and insert the following documents: CV, Certificates and ID. Please be sure that you already have this copies before start your process.

2. Step – Verification

After the correct completion, we will receive the documentation to perform the first verification. In some case could be necessary send us additional documentations. If its detected missing documents, the candidate will have 2 business days to send it. After all the verifications been done, will be scheduled an interview to validate the skills.

3. Step – Data processing

The candidate being approved in the interview, the documents will be processed with the chosen Institute. The candidate have to pay the Trainer Fee to proceed with the Accreditation Process.

4. Step – Trainer Accredited

Finishing the documentation processing the candidate will receive your document with the Proof of Prior Accreditation from the Institute and HSI. Automatically the new Trainer will be available for all HSI Training Partners.

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