Content Delivery

HSI Institute provide the Content Delivery for organizations who already have their own accreditation directly with the Institutes or Companies. This service can be used to complement your offer to the market and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Organizations that is Non-Accredited can use of this services, but its restricted to Foundation levels. Intermediate and Advanced materials levels are restricted to Accredited Organizations. If you want to perform the Accreditation for your Organization, please check our Organization Accreditation Service.

Content Delivery Benefits

Training Delivery

Your organization will be able to delivery a great number of different trainings. It will increase the sells and profits of your organization in a short time. All you have to do its to sell. Management, controls and logistic issues we already care, think and perform for you. Our platform allow you to be ready to go with quickly.

Marketing Materials

We currently encourage the knowledge continual improvement of our Accredited Trainers. We provide the access to our Training Virtual Library to guarantee that they can study with the right content and proof their skills trough the examination sessions.

Updated Materials

Your organization will always use the last version of all accredited materials with reduced costs. We guarantee to all our partners provide a good quality and updated material. The candidates will use a material that its easy to use with a great number of infographics to facilitate their understanding and all the literature.

Logistics Controls

Needs logistics controls?  We can provide all the controls that your organization will need in each training stage. Starting with de Trainer localization going until the delivery of the candidate`s training certificate.

Do you need to manage to training confirmation for Trainers and Candidates and include all your facilities information? We are ready to do it for you. 

Content Delivery Process

1. Step – Form fulfillment

The organization to use our Content Delivery service have to fill our Basic Organization Form with your data. An initial verification will be performed and a meeting will be scheduled (presential or online).

2. Step – Meeting

During the initial meeting will be presented all the requirements for the organization start to use the service. After the confirmation, additional documentations will be necessary.

3. Step – Data processing

The additional documentations will be received. A fee will be charged to start the accreditation precessing. Around 10 days the accreditation process will be finished.

4. Step – Service starts

Finishing the documentation processing the organization can start to request materials to delivery trainings. HSI website will be updated with the partner informations.

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Improve the training catalogue of your company trough our content delivery service. Download our infographic to understand all the benefits to use it.


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