Career Path

We created an automated tool to candidates and Human Resources (HR) understand what are the main certifications involved in a number of positions and roles described within organizations. 

All these definitions were based in the main framework of the subject – the eCF (European Competences Framework) and EXIN Competences Map.


Understand the benefits of using our automated tool based on eCF and EXIN Competences Map and determine NOW your certification goals.

Benefits To Set Your Career Path

Help To Determine Your Career Goals

Understand what competencies is necessary for each role in a organization and its skill can help to plan and perform clear steps to improve your career in a right way.

Increase The Speed Of Your Qualification

Trough our Career Path after you get your report check the next available date of the trainings that is necessary for your career and request a quote with 2 clicks.

All Parties Envolved Speaking The Same Language

Using eCF as your principal guide will guarantee that all parties are going to look for the same page for the same role. This is important to create and use a pattern for candidates and organizations. 

Save Time And Money

Use our Accredited Partners to request not a unique training and exam, but your career path. They’re ready to offer you the best option to help you !

The Best Examination Institute Is Envolved With The Process 

EXIN is most respect Examination Institute around the world and is envolved in development process of eCF. This guarantee that great companies support and improve eCF framework. 

Determine Your Career Path Now