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We deliver official trainings and examinations at various locations through our network of accredited partners. Find the nearest partner of your locality.

Creative Process

To accomplish the development of our materials many aspects are taken into consideration which go beyond the technical. Learning and design are essential in our products.


Our Trainers have the highest certifications, but only the technical competence is not enough. Our greatest competence is to focus on our partners and candidates.

Accredited Examination Center - EXIN - CompTIA - APMG
Accredited Examination Center
Accredited Examination Center by EXIN, APMG and CompTIA
Accredited Trainers - EXIN - CompTIA - APMG
Accredited Trainers
Accredited trainers by EXIN, APMG and CompTIA
Accredited Training Provider - EXIN - CompTIA - APMG
Accredited Training Provider
Accredited Training Provider (ATP) by EXIN, APMG and CompTIA
Accredited Courseware Provider - EXIN - CompTIA - APMG
Accredited Courseware Provider
Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP) by EXIN, APMG and CompTIA. 

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